15.6" Portable Touchscreen Monitor
AOC’s portable 15.6” 16T2 display provides all new levels of user convenience and mobility, with 10-point touch compatibility, USB-C connectivity, and a powerful battery. Bring this screen anywhere you want and connect it to various devices for work or entertainment uses – indoors or outdoors – for hours on end. 10-point touch compatibility offers enhanced control and precision; the 8,000mAh battery supports three power modes for lasting power; Flicker Free and Low Blue Mode provides eye protection; a foldable smart cover and auto pivot delivers a portable user experience and more.
  • USB-C
  • 10-point Touch
  • Auto Pivot Portable
  • IPS
  • Flicker Free
  • Low Blue Mode
Expand Your Productivity
The 9mm slim and super light 15.6" IPS display boasts vivid colours and features 10-point projective-capacitive touch recognition. You can easily connect to a laptop or smartphone via USB-C within seconds.
Portable For The Mobile Generation 10-Point Touch Monitor USB-C Ultimate Connectivity
Powerful connectivity
Simplify the connections with one cable only. The USB-C connection provides DisplayPort Alternate Mode for transferring high-resolution video signals from a notebook to the monitor while simultaneously charging the notebook’s battery from the monitor with USB power delivery.
Designed with wide viewing angles
IPS displays deliver 170/170-degree viewing angles while maintaining consistent image quality and colors from all viewing positions. You can also view your spreadsheets or weekend movies from virtually any angle without compromising color uniformity.
Reducing shortwave blue light output for healthier eyes
AOC Low Blue Mode setting ensures a more healthy viewing experience for prolonged computer use without compromising the naturally vivid colors of the display.
Protect your eyes from screen flicker
Flicker-free technology reduces flicker to give you a more comfortable gaming experience. Normal LED-backlit monitors adjust brightness using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) which causes flickering and results in eye discomfort over long periods oftime. AOC flicker-free technology uses a DC (Direct Current) backlight system to provide a more comfortable and healthier viewing experience, minimizing the effects of eye fatigue during work hours.
Foldable Smart Cover & Auto Pivot
In line with the sleek and modern design of the 16T2, the Smart Cover folds around the monitor for protection from scratches and dirt, while also providing a stand when necessary. It fully supports all of the 16T2 features, including stereo speakers, connectivity, and importantly its Auto Pivot function for portrait and landscape mode. Under the I-menu software, the auto-pivot function maintains the display visually upright as the monitor is rotated between portrait and landscape positions. (Available for Window OS only.)
An all-rounded multimedia solution
With built-in speakers you can enjoy quality audio for music, games, and more without the hassle of connecting external speakers.
Adaptable and convenient setup
Whether you prefer a wall mount or multi-monitor desk setup, VESA Mount offers the ultimate in flexibility. And when combined with 3rd party accessories, VESA Mount lets you put your monitor wherever you want it.
Built-in convenient multitasking software
Screen+ allows you to split, customize, and organize your monitor's layout. Make multitasking easier by resizing and displaying multiple windows at once.
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