AGON PRO 27" Premium Gaming Monitor
This stunning AOC monitor is revamped in the style of the MOBA and clearly stands out from your average display. League of Legends is represented in every aspect - from the iconic Hextech design and logo to a specific game setting mode. In-game visuals achieve their fullest potential from the combination of AOC's monitor expertise with the creators of League of Legends, Riot Games.
  • LoL Mode
  • Fast IPS
  • 2560 × 1440 (QHD)
  • 170Hz
  • 1ms
  • G-Sync Compatible
LOL-dialed picture quality enhancement
The League of Legends Edition-exclusive, integrated "LOL Mode" offers in-game enhancements that helps gamers get more out of League of Legends. This feature is a preset display mode to optimize visuals for League of Legends. Most importantly, it's co-developed with input from professional Riot Games Visual Engineers.
A Completely Unque, Hextech Inspired Design
The emerging craftsmanship known as Hextech is a fusion between magic and technology - a new advancement in the world of Runeterra. The artifacts forged with this fabled method are astonishingly powerful and sport a unique and intricate design. Get your real-life piece of Hextech gear with this AOC monitor, as its exterior is embellished with the characteristic pattern!
Light effects sync up with in-game events for maximum immersion
Become one with the game and fully immerse yourself into the action on Summoner’s Rift! This AOC monitor syncs up with the MOBA itself and lights up in response to in-game events. Team fights will become even more adrenaline-pumping. Victory never looked this good!
League of Legends in every detail
This AOC monitor features some small gadgets to highlight League of Legends in every aspect. The boot up screen and on-screen display are both designed in the style of the MOBA. An external remote lets you conveniently switch between game modes and adjust gaming features on the fly. (Download and install G-Menu* to enable LOL Light FX Sync)
Stellar image quality brings the champions to life
League of Legends is known for its team-based and strategic gameplay. To enjoy the game while maintaining a clear overview over all lanes, the QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 VESA DisplayHDR400 guarantees stunning image quality. The IPS panel is the perfect medium to display the game in all its glory.
Flawless loading times , no lag and no visual artefacts
On your grind towards the top of the ELO ranking, nothing should disrupt your gaming experience – especially not laggy graphics. Therefore, the League of Legends edition monitor is equipped with top-notch features such as a 170 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. G-Sync compatibility further support the non-stop smooth performance of your visuals.
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